It is incredibly important for babies to have a comfortable and healthy environment in which to promote good sleep patterns and get a strong start on life. We believe that Merino wool has an important role to play in those early months and years. A 100% Merino wool garment wicks moisture and naturally regulates body temperature - something a baby can't do themselves very well until they're older.  Merino wool is also a natural fire retardant, unlike most synthetic fabric used for baby clothes. 



Essentials for infants and babies.
Babies + Kids

Babies + Kids

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We offer both PJs and thermal layers for kids up to age 12, all in 100% New Zealand Merino wool. The Thermals can be purchased separately or as a set and work equally well under sports gear or everyday clothes.The hats are thin enough to fit under most helmets.  


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For ages 2yrs to 12yrs


Can't decide what to get? Looking for that perfect gift for a baby shower, and don't know if it's a boy or a girl? Make it easy and get a gift set or gift certificate for something that they'll love - 100% Merino wool, made in New Zealand. 

Three different gift sets are available (each in multiple colours and sizes), and gift certificates are available in three denominations ($25, $50, $100), purchase as many of each as you need. 

Gift Certificates are redeemable online right here in our store, and don't even have to be used all at once (when you make a purchase using a gift certificate, we automatically keep track of how much you spent and how much value you still have on your gift certificate for another day.)

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Sometimes we have too many of one particular product, factory seconds with minor cosmetic issues, or we simply want to promote a particular product. Whichever the case, you win! Keep an eye out here for great deals on the same great 100% New Zealand Merino wool.

Warm, Dry, and Sustainable Wool

Merino wool is a high-end material from New Zealand that is in a league of its own. It keeps people warm and dry under tough conditions. It is naturally fire resistant, unlike polyester, and it breathes well. It regulates body temperature, keeping children warm when it is cold out. It also helps maintain a cool body temperature during warmer temperatures, and is very soft on the skin. Most people are pleasantly surprised when they first touch Merino wool; it’s nothing like your grandpa’s long underwear!

Merino Wool Choices to Keep the Kids Warm

Merino wool is made in a variety of styles to help stave off the chill of a winter day. Wool makes great pyjamas or long underwear. As a layer beneath outer clothes for activities like ice skating or skiing, Merino wool insulates well and wicks moisture away from the skin so the kids will stay dry and comfortable. A baby blanket of Merino wool is very convenient; they are large enough for swaddling but small enough to fold neatly. All of these products are also odor resistant and machine washable.

Additional Merino wool products available include:
  • Old style thermal bottoms
  • Sleep dress
  • Pyjamas
Merino wool is truly an amazing material that should be found in everyone’s closet. Because it is sustainable, you can buy a Merino wool product from us with pride. Our prices are very reasonable, and if you order more than $150 worth of products, shipping is free. Call us for more information at 604-880-4890.




PRELOVED is our reuse program in which our customers donate their gently used Simply Merino products they no longer need. We mend the garments if needed, and resell them to you!  All proceeds go to both repairing the item, and local charities.  Our goal is to extend the life of our products, offer lower prices, and save them from landfills. Sale also includes NEW product samples, & defected products either from our manufacturer or wool.  Learn more... 

Interested in donating to our PRELOVED program? More info coming soon.